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We Are Online Shop In Jordan established in 2019 In Cooperation With MWC Foundation Registered With Commercial Register Number /1010951589/ In Saudi Arabia accordance with applicable regulations In Saudi Arabia
According to a cooperation contract Among Sama Shop & MWC Foundation .

Our Goal

We look forward to offer Best services to our customers such us (Delivery, Shipping, cash on Delivery, Check Products ….)

Who We Are

We are online shop offer excellent services ( Free Shipping, All Prices Includes Tax, and more in future .. )
Our website address is:
For Contact:

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

We do not collect any data about our visitors

Our Website collect Registration data without your password
We do not use your information but our system save your information to be able follow up with you your order information

privacy policy:

  1. our privacy policy do not collect, store or use your personal information and protect it and it is important for you to review this privacy policy.
    By “personal information” we mean information that can be associated with a specific person and can be used to identify that person
  2. we use worpress system to our website so the system save only your name and E-mail but we do not care to save it anymore, its for woocommerce using if you have order to follow it
  3. Our Payment Methods ( Paypal) and maybe we will active cash on delivery service to our customers
  4. As we mentioned in point 2 we use wordpress for our site so it has a system for if you lost your account you can click on to ask for new password by sending link verification to your email
  5. Your information for payment is very secure because its by paypal and we highly recommend to be careful because we do not ask you to pay out of cart for payment
    When you make sure your order, follow this link
  6. Do not deal out of our website
  7. If you have any question you can send an email and wait within 24 hours our response
  8. If you want to delete your account you can send an email to including this statement ( Delete My Account) with your email that you register in and wait within 24 hours our response
  9. For help you in register send a message to including this statement (I Need Help For Regsiter) and wait within 24 hours our response
  10. To know details of your order follow this link and if you want more details send a message to including this statement ( I Need Details About My Order) and wait within 24 hours our response
  11. If we have any change in our Privacy Policy we will make ad in our home page in header